Cloud Solutions

Secure your cloud needs with Nanonino and perform at your best

Get all your information stored and secured. Our cloud computing services are adapted to your company requirements. From an internal cloud system for your company to external cloud services that you can commercialize.

We always provide a solution that suits you best. In NanoNino, we offer much more than digital storing. We design our cloud computing services tailored to the objectives of your company. Our first priority is to understand your company’s needs and develop cloud solutions tailored to you.

At Nanonino we are more than a software development company.

Our cloud and software services are the surfaces of our scope. We first understand where your company stands, and where it wants to be. And develop computing services that point your company into that direction. 

The relevance of cloud storing is essential in every kind of business.

Don’t incur the cost of interruptions in your company’s operations driven by storage shortages and connection cuts. Don’t allow your data to be stolen. Nanonino brings you both security and stability to your data storage. Bring agility and flexibility to your company. Use our cloud to store your data. Complement your internal and external processes, or obtain a refined system to be commercialized.

These are some of the fields we have worked in:

Alongside motorsports competitions (MotoGP, WRC)

Golf courses

On-demand delivery

Fuel industry

Marketplaces and eCommerce


Grow and succeed with NanoNino.