Work resume

How to write a work resume

A work resume is a standardized form for filling out information about a job seeker's work experience. There are no officially approved examples of the work resume, as there are no strict requirements for its design. But there is a generally accepted structure that will help present professional achievements in detail, visually and convincingly.

It would seem, and it is true, why do we need a work resume example, if web services for finding vacancies provide the ability to fill in several options online, for example on There are also rules on how to write a work resume and the ability to download a template for free, which is convenient for applying for different positions.

For people in creative professions, likely, a generic template will not work. Downloading a resume form for applying for a job in Word is also not an option for them. It is more efficient for them to use their own style. For designers and showmen, the use of forms is completely contraindicated. They need to demonstrate creativity and originality to stand out from the competition.

For all the rest, it is easier to save time and fill out a resume for a job online for free: if you wish, you can edit the file, change its appearance.

  • Most employers expect profound and concise text. Then a standard work resume is a good option. It is perfectly acceptable for a summary of the basic facts of the biography. When filling out, pay attention to the "Responsibilities" section.
  • It is necessary to give only correct information about yourself and focus on describing your strengths. Use a business style, easy-to-read font. The photo is added as you wish, but be sure to check how it looks when printed in black and white.
  • The maximum amount of information is 1.5-2 pages; on the second sheet, be sure to duplicate your full name. In case the first one gets lost.
  • A separate item in the "Additional Information" column tells us about the skills that will help you in your work: foreign languages, computers, having a driver's license, etc. Here, in a few words, indicate your strengths and differences from other applicants. Perhaps this information will help the employer decide in your favor.
  • If you have just graduated from an educational institution and have no work experience, describe your academic achievements, awards, and participation in scientific work and indicate your thesis topic.
  • Be sure to check your spelling and punctuation. No mistakes can be made in self-presentation. It is never superfluous to show a document to another person who can appreciate it with a fresh eye. Observe the norms of business correspondence: emoticons, slang, humor, and quotes have nothing to do with it.

The employer spends no more than 2-3 minutes studying the work resume of applicants. It is essential for you that he/she becomes interested in your candidacy and wants to meet for a personal conversation during this time. So think carefully about what is important and what is secondary, and focus on the first.

  1. Be short and to the point.
  2. The information should be clear and structured and contain all the main points.
  3. If you are not an artist, designer, or showman, do not use any design frills.
  4. You should not talk about your hobbies and interests if they are not related to your future work.
  5. Do not indicate (if you were not asked about it) the link to your pages in social networks.
  6. Do not use standard, "hackneyed" phrases in describing your personal qualities.
  7. Be accurate in describing skills and abilities, do not exaggerate, write only the truth.
  8. If you are caught lying during the interview, all the device's efforts will become meaningless.

A competent work resume is the basis of your success in your job search. After all, with its help, you can make the first impression on the recruiter and receive an invitation for a personal interview.