Palm Grip Mice. Advantages and disadvantages

The palm grip mouse is perfect for real-time strategy (RTS) video games in which the mouse is continually moved across the screen and requires a more secure grip than its traditional claw style. This style of ergonomic video gaming mouse also causes the palm hand to naturally arch upward, creating fewer mechanical contact points with the mouse. With the constant movement of the mouse over the course of the video game, the natural rhythm of the hand's muscles begin to relax.

In real time strategy games, the player will need to make fewer mechanical movements, and more of those movements will be spent on getting the right hand to make the necessary clicking movements that will open doors and bring up items in battle fields. For this reason, the player will spend more of their fingers on the actual clicking motion and less of their fingers on the tiny little mechanical pieces hanging from the mouse button. A person using a typical "flip mouse" would not be able to tell the difference between a traditional optical mouse and the palm grip mouse, and therefore they could accidentally hit the wrong button repeatedly. The result could be an unsightly click pattern on the screen, instead of an individual mouse button.

Having fewer fingers on the actual mouse button also means that there are fewer joints that can be damaged. Each individual finger can be damaged somewhat if it is forced too far outward on a mouse, but with the shorter style of grips, the fingers do not have to extend far to get the clicking motion. This type of grip will also reduce the number of repetitive stress injuries, or CRISiliitis, that a player may sustain. Using these types of mice will also help a player to focus on the actions that he is attempting to complete, and not worry so much about hitting a hot key or accidentally pressing the wrong button.

For players that do a lot of typing or gaming on the computer, a long fingernail is certainly preferable, but many of today's newer optical mice are ergonomically designed. These mice are designed with shorter grips, and a design where the buttons are spread a bit further away from the actual mouse button itself. This allows for more precise movements, with less chance of missing a vital key or button. The ability to click with more precision also allows for more efficient computer use, as the player will spend less time moving the mouse to the correct position and more time performing the actual action that he is trying to perform. For many gamers, having a proper mouse with the proper trigger is also important.

There is one other benefit of the new palm grip style of mice, and that is increased comfort. When a gamer is using a normal optical mouse, his hands are typically in a stretched out position. This makes it difficult to properly execute quick movements with the Mouse. With the new grip style of mice, each of the fingers will be able to stretch out fully, and each finger will follow the movement of the rest of the fingers. This not only allows for more efficient movement but also allows for a larger number of actions to be executed without a hitch.

While this may not seem like much of a benefit to most, the ability to stretch and contract the fingers for each action made by the Mouse is rather astounding. Many games will require the player to move his whole hand, and this can be hard to keep straight when performing actions such as shooting and fighting. With the new palm grip style of mouse, the user will be able to perform each of these actions with his whole hand, and this can be very advantageous.