Nano Nino – Get IT done!

We are Nano Nino, a company developing first-generation technology, driven by the challenge of creating highly innovative IT solutions tailored to the needs of the industry. We create Web & Mobile solutions crucial for having a positive impact on the market.

Get IT done!


In Nano Nino S.L. we develop solutions in the cloud, mobile, and desktop, focusing on satisfying the needs of any type of industry. Our customers can use these tools for personal needs or any commercial purpose. We want to provide web and mobile solutions, that generate a positive impact on our clients and their businesses.

Want to know how Nano Nino S.L. “Gets IT done”? We invite you to take a look at the technologies we work with from our development team, and the products we have already implemented in the market. Maybe you will find what you are looking for!


Mobile devices are the present. Nowadays, Apps cover the majority of needs that a company can have, showing its content in an attractive way. That’s why, at Nano Nino we design and develop Apps for different platforms and devices, in a creative way and with the maximum efficiency so that your project stands out on the rest.


The website is the showcase of your product or brand in the digital environment and the first impression our future customers have of us, That is why we must be able to impress them from the first moment. At Nano Nino we create your web in a useful and intuitive way, That breathes the essence and style of your brand or service, and always showing information in a consistent way. Our goal is clear, we want to strengthen your brand and show your services or products.


At Nano Nino we develop solutions in the cloud, focused on meeting the needs of any type of Industry and that our customers can use for own consumption or commercialization. We want to provide solutions Web & Mobile that contribute and provide a positive impact for our clients and their companies.


Proyectos propios


Nano Nino has developed some ground breaking Tech solutions and Applications. Some of them grown to become independant companies of their own. With over thousands of Apps developed Nano Nino has the expertise to bring great ideas to life in the most efficient way. People and companies with great ideas are always welcome to explore the possiblity to partner with Nano Nino in developing exciting software products.



Nano Nino has a wide range of customers from individuals to large companies. It builds solutions of all sizes from a simple standalone App to large, complex solution with a solid Cloud solution that works as the back bone for Consumer B2C and Business B2B Applications both for Mobile and Web. Nano Nino takes pride in not only building to customer spec but to provide something more every time to make Client solutions better.


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